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Ranch Life Images

From cattle drives and brandings, to ranch family bar-be-ques and western themed weddings, the ranching way of life has been a magnet for Dale and his cameras since the mid-80's.  It has been a way to meet wonderfully talented and skilled cowboys and ranchers. And along the way he has captured some very heartwarming images of children being children, their love for their pets and the livestock they raise. Not to mention, the caring parents that have taken the time to actually teach their youth about animal husbandry and land management.

Tending crops and caring for ranch stock is a hard and dangerous way of life, it's that land and those animals that are the rancher's livelihood. And, what better way to show appreciation for all they do, than by capturing their lives, their work, and their appreciation for ranching heritage in my pictures.


Ranch Life


Annual Rodeo Events

Dale McCormick has been behind the scenes with his camera at rodeos from California to Colorado since 1986, starting with one of the biggest rodeos in the nation, the California Rodeo Salinas. It was there where he first began shooting and capturing rodeo arena action.

Now living in Sandpoint Idaho, Dale is focusing his efforts on the rodeo scene in and around the Panhandle and central Idaho, Yellowstone, the Teton Range, western Montana, and eastern Washington. 

2008 Rodeo 009.jpg


Ranch Roundups

While living in California, Dale traveled the Central Coast shooting the numerous ranch roundups at locations like; Carmel Valley, San Juan Bautista, Paso Robles, Santa Margarita and Santa Ynez.

Now living in Sandpoint Idaho, he has been invited by his ranching clients and friends to photograph roundups throughout the Panhandle of Idaho. It's small town events like these, that enable him to capture the true American ranching spirit; a heritage that is centered around family and passing down decades of ranching traditions from one generation to the next.


Ranch Roundups

Brandings And Cattle Drives

Photographing and participating in ranch brandings and cattle drives is how ‘Cowboys West Images’ photography truly got it’s start. It was those early brandings that started Dale’s passion, to visualize and capture the actions of today’s American cowboys.


Ranch Branding

Vaquero Heritage Festivals

The California West Coast is rich in old vaquero tradition. And as an apprentice at Bob Mattson Saddlery in Carmel Valley, Dale learned about, and then attended the many vaquero festivals up and down the coast.

Dale enjoys photographing the artistry of the traditional vaquero clothing, handmade silver-smithing of bits, spurs and conchos, leather-crafted saddles, tack and chaps, and the hand-woven horsehair reins and rawhide lariats, all of which are traditional in the vaquero culture.


Vaquero Festivals

Team Roping Competitions

If you're a team-roping or rodeo event coordinator in the western US and are looking for an arena photographer that respects and understands the cowboy culture, please give us a call. Dale would be honored to be your photographer in the pit.


Team Roping Events

Pack trip photography

Throughout his adult life, Dale, or 'Mack' as his cowboy partners call him, has traveled the west and taken part in numerous back-country pack trips; like the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming, Bitterroot National Forest of Montana, Sierra Mountains of California, and the San Juan Mountains of the Colorado Rockies. 

All of which, have driven him to capture images of natures wonders, and the adventurous individuals that trek through these back-country lands together.  Throughout his professional photography career, Dale has trained his eyes to capture those memorable images that last a lifetime.

Favorite Pack Trip Pic.jpg

MountainPack Trips

Fishing And Hunting Excursions

Growing up in an active fishing and hunting family, Dale has no problem wading across streams to positioning himself in the flow to get that extraordinary and bragable trophy shot. 


Fishing Trips


Bow & Rifle Hunts

The complete list of Cowboys West Images Photography Services, Sessions, & Pricing:

  • Daily Ranch Life, Brandings, Ranch Roundups, Ranch Livestock and Pet Photos, Rodeos, Team Roping $hoot-outs, Cattle & Buffalo Drives, Ranch Summer-Camp Images, Vaquero Heritage Festivals, Horse and Mule Pack-trips, Ranch Style Weddings, Miss Rodeo Queen Pageants, Equine Themed Graduation Sessions, Trick Riding Camps and Performances, Polo Competitions, Group Trail Rides, Cowboy Poetry Gatherings, Heritage Day Events, Dude Ranch Vacations, Hunting & Fishing Excursions, Ranch Real Estate Sales, Equine Related Business Images, and Wildlife Shoots.

  • If your event is done off of the back of a horse, or horses are a part of the action, Dale is the photographer for you.